Intentional Decisions - Stellan Nordahl

Each day and every situation starts with a choice. The choice to be in creator- or victim-mode, the choice to do or do not as Master Yoda says, the choice to see something as possible or impossible - every moment is loaded with possibilities.


Intentional Decisions is a compelling post industrial development model for raising awareness of the possibility of choice (a variety of choices), and empowers us with the ability to decide (the process of choosing, i.e. pick one). By making intentional decisions you become a creator of possibilities rather than a victim of circumstances.

The model has been used for 10 yrs for organisational development, team development, leadership training and personal development. Intentional Decisions can also be used for societal and world improvement on a large scale (paradigm shift) and facilitate the shift from not only being the best in the world but to become best for the world. This summer the model was the thought model for Innovizion Arena (a four day seminar and work shop event focusing at innovations and visions for a sustainable society and new world order) at Almedalen. As part of the social entrepreneur accelerator, SoPact, during this spring, the model has also been tested for the SDG´s in the 2030 Agenda (Sustianable Development Goals) presented by the UN.



14.00-14.30 Intentional Decisions – Stellan Nordahl, Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

14.30-16.00 Open Space – Calling Question “How can we make more intentional decisions – in our organisations, society and day to day lives”

16.00-16.30 Summing up/Closing remarks



Open Space

Open Space is a co-creative self-organised workshop format where the participants create both the agenda and the dialogue. Starting with a Calling Question, all participants are given both the right and the responsibility to maximize their own learning and contribution.


Stellan Nordahl

Captain, MSc in Engineering Physics, Bachelor in Economics, Bachelor in Science

Specialties: Leadership development, process facilitation, personal development, visionary work, co-worker issues, equal opportunity, management training, project management


“Life is amazing, so many things can happen – but you choose what to let into your life, you choose what things affect you, and you choose how you react to them.”

Stellan Nordahl’s life couldn’t have been better – a background as an army officer, degrees in Engineering, Economics and Science, a happy marriage and the birth of a lovely daughter. And then, like a bolt from the blue - a leukemia diagnosis. The little girl died, aged one.


”The power to decide and choose is the power to make a change”

An essential point is that she didn´t die of cancer. A will to live and an open mind made the whole difference.

This was the starting point of what now is known as the Intentional Decisions model.

Today, Stellan Nordahl works with leadership, development and behavioural change on an organizational, as well as a personal level, and is often engaged as an inspirational speaker and facilitator for change management and visional processes.


Stellan will inspire us to open up and see possibilities instead of obstacles. He will show how to choose openness and how to embrace life as an intentional decision.

We will then co-create the outcome based on our Calling Question “How can we make more intentional decisions – in our organisations, society and day to day lives”



Want to know more?

During 2016 a book on Intentional Decisions was published in Swedish – This implied a need for spreading the model and also to connect people interested in sustainability, participatory culture and intentional decisions. At a tribe is formed and material can be downloaded. 

Right now a purpose-driven organisation, Foundation for Intentional Decisions (FIDE – trust in latin) is created, with the intent of creating what is best for the world where we choose empathy over to sympathy, proactivity rather than reactivity, love in preference to fear, participation prior to attendance and describing instead of prescribing. 


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