JCI NK SPEAKERS - Saturday 21/10 2017

CEO Fredrik Carling - Hövding

We are not kidding! It's Hövding's bicycle helmet with airbag, and it offers superior protection against head injuries.

Hövding is a NASDAQ-listed company headquartered in Malmö's old chocolate factory. We are happy to announce Fredrik Carling (CEO) as our first speaker. Meet him at the National Congress in October.

Jenni Ahlstedt - a proud member of JCI Stockholm

"JCI Start training for not-so-experienced JCI members"

Do you know what JCI really is? We are arranging START-training for not-so-experienced JCI members, National Congress First Timers and others interested to join.

"I did not know when I joined JCI 2008. However, for almost 10 years of membership; I have been active, participated, taken responsibility and become a leader, and so I think I can share my experiences and also tell you what you can get through this organisation. Be courageous, and come to hear and learn something that can change your life... like it did to me!

All of us will get to know each other a bit - you are not alone even though this might be your first JCI congress - and we will understand what it means to be a member of this organisation. You will get concrete hints and advice on the next steps in your member state and hear examples of how it has happened to other members. In addition, we go through the weekend program and you will also hear about JCI events; in Sweden and abroad too!

I'm sure you'll get more out of Congress Days when you join us! And did I already mention that there is a competition? ;) See you on Friday!"

Pia Kinhult - Head of Host States Relations, European Spallation Source ERIC

"How ESS will be useful for businesses?"

Horst Wenske - 2017 Vice President JCI

How has JCI impacted my Life?

I had a bit of an unusual start with JCI and over the years my perception of JCI and the added-value for my personal and professional life changed.

My talk will highlight some of my insights and experiences and will provide some best practices how to approach JCI with all its opportunities.

JCI Sweden Foundation Reception

(Invitation only)

JCI Sweden Foundation Donors are invited to their annual reception during JCI Sweden National Congress. The invitation is only for donors. Also those new donors that become members in the foundation during the Gala are welcome to join the reception. Dresscode: Gala dress / black tie and JCI Sweden Foundation pin.

More information: Jenni Ahlstedt, jenni.ahlstedt@jciswede