Junior Chamber International

(JCI) is an international organization for young leaders and entrepreneurs. We are a network of nearly 200,000 members in 120 countries.

We arrange meetings, seminars, courses and run local and international projects, which in the long term help our members become better leaders, enrich their experience and create a valuable network.

In Sweden, JCI is represented by local interconnected organizations (chambers) which together build JCI Sweden. JCI Malmö consists of few engaged members, who aim to continuously develop the local chamber and provide the best training and business experience that a young leader can have. You can read more about our history here. Currently (2019), JCI Malmö is engaged in the Expand Business Abroad (EBBA) project, aimed to connect businesses from Sweden and North Africa.

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Paul Wennerberg, JCI Malmö
+46 73 398 56 76

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Some profiles of JCI Malmö
Constantin Copaceanu

President of JCI Malmö

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Paul Wennerberg

Vice president of JCI Malmö

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Riadh Sahli

Treasurer, Board Member

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Daniela Hooper


Mihai Patrascu

Operations, Member

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