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19th of April 18:00: Join us at JCI Malmö AfterWork @O’Learys Entré

AfterWork: We are meeting up 18:00 the 19th of April for some food and drinks to share a good time together with bowling and social activities. We hope you will join us and have a great night with much energy and positivity! :)

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Looking forward to see you!

Activities for 2018 - Get inspired!

Program JCI Malmö and dates 2018

22 February                  Workshop - Kristian Rankloo – Help@Hand 
                                      Place: United Spaces/Studio, Malmo

24 February                  Kick-off and National congress party
Place: Interpool, Malmo

15 Mars                         Social activity and networking
                                      Place: BigBowl, Malmö

24 Mars                         Annual meeting and annual celebration
                                      Place: United Spaces, Studio Malmö

6-8 April                        Spring Conference
                                      Place: Copenhagen Denmark

14 April                          Workshop- Jacob Roos

5 May                            Hackaton

17 May                          Social activity

8 June                           Summer celebration

19-22 June                   JCI European Conference 2018
                                      Place: Riga, Latvia

10-12 August                Crayfish party
                                      Place: Halmstad

17-21 August                European Academy
                                      Place: Gothenburg

28 August                      Workshop

27-28 September         Start-up weekend

12-14 October              National congress
                                      Place: Halmstad

24 October                    Workshop

10 November                Gåsablot
                                      Place: Malmo

13 December                Workshop and winter celebration

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22 Feb. 2018: Workshop with Kristian Rankloo - Successful Social Business in Times of Disaster

When the first raging winds struck the Philippines on November 8, 2013, at wind speeds up to 300 km/h, the world held its breath. We all knew that there would be damage, suffering and death but not exactly how much.

In Sweden, half way over the globe, Kristian Rankloo was devastated. The land which he had visited 10 times or more -- and the wonderful inhabitants he had shared so much time, joy, laughs and love with -- had been totally destroyed beyond any imagination. In the aftermath of the typhoon Haiyan, one of the worst of all times, more than one million homes were wrecked and families were shattered. 14 million people suddenly found themselves in desperate need of help -- and the surreal impact in terms of general destruction was almost too much to bare, let alone understand. But we all know it by now.

So, being an entrepreneur and a man of many, a good idea paired with a good heart, he made himself a promise to help. To really help. And so the idea slowly turned into a plan of how to be able to make a difference for the land he loved so much.

Through his vast network of friends, companies and colleagues combined with a focused campaign on Facebook (which by the end of December 2013 counted more than 1,000 members) he started to raise funds and directing them to a bank account for the purpose. But he also found himself with a wide range of useful things to help. Things like protective/safety gloves, wildlife cutlery, signal vests, flashlights and much more that would come in use in the debris on the islands.

On the 4th of December, three weeks after the catastrophe, he took off to face and live the mayhem, and to help as best he could. Not surprisingly, this would end up being the 10 most messed-up, terrifying, rewarding and meaningful days of his life.

Now, four years later, Kristian has extended his operations also to include three orphanages in Uganda, and his organisation Help@Hand have helped more than 8 000 children around the world.


  • 17:45 Mingle

  • 18:00 Short presentation about JCI

  • 18:05 Kristian Rankloo talk about his social business adventures 

  • 19:00 Workshop- solution to a social problem, brainstorming

  • 19:50 Wrap-up

Maybe we can come up with a social project after that.

Månadsmöte december

Peter talks about how to find energy in your life, based on his own experiences. Nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself, dare to think creatively and try the unknown outside of your comfort zone. He gives us tools on how to set targets and reach your vision with his own theory Goal Circles. Positive attitude is the key to success. Peter talks about how to find your inner strength when the unexpected happens and life takes a different direction.

Månadsmöte november - 9/11 17:30

Heléne Weise Palmlund, partner i iTurn - HR Interim & Rekrytering, föreläser för oss den 9/11 under rubriken "Bygger du ditt hus genom att börja med taket? Om vikten att arbeta med People & Culture Management"

Läs mer här.

National Congress

Oktober 20-22- Good Morning Hotel

Mer information snart!

Månadsmöte september

Nina Jansdotter kommer och prata.

September 26 september, kl:18-21- Hotell Garden

Mer information snart!

JCI Malmö Academy Modul 4

September 10, 2017,  kl. 10:00-16:00 - Hotel Garden

Det kommer mer information snart!

Månadsmöte augusti

QlikTech's journey to NASDAQ

Thursday 17 August 2017​ at 18:00 to 21:00 Hotel Garden, Malmö  ​

From being a 2 MUSD revenue Lund-based company in 1998, Qlik Tech (now Qlik) managed to become a NASDAQ listed company with a market capitalisation of 1 Billion USD in 2010.

One of the key people responsible for this success is Magnus Lindhe, who served as VP Nordics between 2001 and 2009 and as VP Global Services at Qlik Tech between 2009 and 2012 and who played a leading role in building QlikTech’s unique and highly successful go-to-market and sales model and was also instrumental in creating and deploying QlikTech’s value based management model. 

Today, Magnus is managing partner and co-founder of Zobito AB, representing Zobito on the Boards of Funnel, Quinyx and MotorK.

Take the opportunity to hear Magnus share his experience from Qlik Tech's journey to NASDAQ at JCI Malmö's next monthly meeting.


JCI Malmö Academy Module 3 – High Performance Team

Welcome to JCI Malmö Academy Module 3 – High Performance Team - "one for all, all for one"!

This is the third of the five independent training sessions!

August 27 2017,  kl. 10:00-16:00 - Hotel Garden




 * An introduction to the Drexler / Sibbet Team Performance Model ™ and the underlying principles of process theory

 * To understand how your profile and you position on the Insights Discovery wheel can contribute to the team    


* To understand how the team members position can contribute to the team performance

* Try some team exercises to train communication and problem solving for better results



* Increased self-awareness and understanding of your own development and skills needs

* Initiated action plan for own development

* Tools and methods to strengthen your own communication, role and activities


Facilitation style

Start and end point is the participants' situation, where everyone will share knowledge for the benefit of the whole team. Participants are expected to bring their own experiences into the room and to actively participate in all aspects of the course. Our focus is to enable the participants by maintaining a high energy level throughout the day, where we use humour, play, imagination and creativity exercises to ensure engagement and learning.


Price (lunch is not include):

200 kr for JCI and AIESEC members

250 kr for others


We are looking forward to see you all and make the most of this day!!

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